A Glimpse Of Grenada

The beauty of Grenada is everywhere: wherever you look, you can find something inspiring. Whether it's nature, culture, or the food, the island is filled with delightful surprises. Grenadians are very proud of their roots and the diversity of their tri-island nation and many have turned their love for Grenada into art.

One particular artist we adore is Rhennel Joseph of TheRhennelJosephProject. She is a very talented young artist who is also a member of our Spa team here at Silversands. Rhennel’s work is bright, vibrant, and depicts the essence of living in a tropical environment. Rhennel paints many different subjects, some of our favorites include women, flowers, and marine life. Her preferred medium is acrylic paint with touches of colored pencil to add dimension. You can visit her Instagram page here to see more of what this inspiring Grenadian soul creates from her studio.

The piece displayed with this blog is a TheRhennelJosephProject original. Rhennel created this stunning piece using acrylic paint on canvas. It marries elements of Grenadian heritage, including the Nutmeg Lady with the Silversands Grenada resort.

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