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Discover the Path to Wellness

When your day-to-day stressors grow to be too much, delving inward and seeking true serenity is just the place to start. Though the path to wellness looks different for everyone, the spa at Silversands offers a diverse range of treatments that use locally inspired remedies, top-of-the-line products, and age-old techniques to bring you a deeply satisfying spa experience.

Find your inner calm

When your day-to-day stressors grow to be too much, delving inward and seeking true serenity is just the place to start. Though the path to wellness looks different for everyone, the spa at Silversands offers a diverse range of treatments that use locally inspired remedies, top-of-the-line products, and age-old techniques to bring you a deeply satisfying spa experience.

Locally Inspired Remedies

Infused with Grenadian spice and tradition these treatments use natural, locally sourced ingredients that are rich in minerals and elements that nourishes skin and body.

Bespoke Body Polish

A revitalizing, full-body exfoliation using botanical ingredients from the Caribbean. Designed to leave your skin feeling silky smooth and replenished, this treatment aims to release tension while restoring harmony. Choose from coconut milk scrub, coffee granule polish or sea-salt body glow.

95 / 45 Min.

Bamboo Massage

Used for generations throughout the Caribbean, this unique treatment provides deep relaxation using a specially heated bamboo cane. This traditional method releases the muscles other treatments cannot reach.

160 / 60 Min. 220 / 90 Min.

Natural Facial

An effective, age defying facial designed to deliver immediate results. This uplifting treatment uses organic ingredients from the Island, including yogurt, honey, lime and cucumber.

140 / 60 Min

Signature Spa Journeys

Silversands Suite Journey

A collection of three restorative healing therapies, designed to soothe, renew and relax, including bespoke body polish, a choice of marine or
algae body wrap and serenity experience aromatherapy massage with Marma point scalp massage.

390 / 120 Minutes

Well-being Recovery

Our signature stress-relieving package. A total wellness treatment, including Shirodhara (warm oil head massage) and bamboo massage.

395 / 120 Min

Couple's Harmony

A movement-based therapy grounded in the principle of Qi. This ancient practice improves relationship energy and includes a sea salt body
scrub, vitality experience massage and healing facial.

695 / 140 Min

Tranquil Discovery

A suite of holistic experiences designed to help you rest, rejuvenate and feel your best, including healing stone massage, Egyptian foot
reflexology and rose quartz restorative facial.

395 / 120 Min.

Therapeutic Journeys

Silversands Signature Massage

Combining traditional Asian techniques with local therapies, this deeptissue massage eases muscles and restores energy and vitality, using
our signature blend of oils.

170 / 60 Min 245 / 90 Min

111SKIN Signature Experience Massage

A holistic and aromatic treatment that includes a 30-minute 111SKIN facial and a 60-minute massage showcasing the bio-active strengths of
natural oils. Choose from:

245 / Serenity Experience for total relaxation. 90 245 / Vitality Experience for jet-lag and fatigue r 245 / Performance Experience to invigorate and rest

Deep Tissue Release

A holistic massage designed to restore suppleness and movement. With our signature blend of aromatherapy oils that alleviate tension and
muscle pain, leaving you feeling energized.

170 / 60 Min 245 / 90 Min

Inner Calm Massage

Tailored to your personal needs and preference, this curated aromatherapy treatment blends relaxation with rejuvenation, using our
signature blend of oils.

160 / 60 Min 235 / 90 Min


Immersive Psammotherapy

The healing warmth of our quartz beds recalibrate mind and body in a mesmeric, full-body treatment.

200 / 60 Min.

Inner Calm Quartz Experience

Immerse in the hot sand of our quartz beds to balance, renew, and restore your energy. This treatment includes the Silversands inner
calm massage and a rose quartz restorative facial.

250 / 90 Min.

Signature Quartz Ritual

A unique method of rehydration and detoxification using our signature nutmeg oil blend. This treatment includes the Silversands signature massage and eye lift recovery treatment.

290 / 90 Min.

Wellness Offers

Healing Stones

An elevated hot stone treatment with aromatherapy and our signature blend of essential oils proven to treat deep muscular tightness and

245 / 90 Min.

Japanese Shiatsu

Shiatsu, the ancient art of applied pressure through corrective stretching, manipulation, and mobilisation designed to promote wellbeing through slow, highly specified movements.

170 / 60 Min 245 / 90 Min

Egyptian Foot Reflexology

This traditional therapeutic remedy naturally realigns the body’s composure by applying acupressure on the meridian channels of the legs and feet. This treatment includes a Marma point head and scalp massage.

160 / 60 Min.

Indian Shirodhara

This ancient Indian treatment focuses on opening the third eye chakra for spriritual awakening by dripping a warm blend of our signature herbal oils onto the forehead. This treatment includes Marma point head and scalp massage

180 / 60 Min.

Ageless Facials

Rose Quarts Restorative Facial

A 111SKIN signature treatment combining restorative properties and innovative lifting formulas, using a unique rose quartz stone massage to cleanse the face and alleviate underlying irritation.

160 / 60 Min.

The Gentlemen's Healing Facial

Tailored to the specifics of the male skin, this facial focuses on reducing puffiness, controlling oil production, and refining textures using cryotherapy for a softer, brighter, and more polished complexion.

160 / 60 Min.

The Meso Infusion Hydration Facial

Uplifting and brightening, this facial replenishes the complexion with moisture and luminosity, ideal to hydrate skin.

160 / 60 Min.

The Original Dramatic Healing Facial

A high-performance remedy formulated to soothe damaged, inflamed, and irritated skin. This facial uses 111SKIN’s signature NAC Y2 complex to target inflammation dehydration, and rosacea.

160 / 60 Min.

Advance Aesthetic Facials by 111SKIN

Celestial Black Diamond Facial

An anti-aging facial featuring 111SKIN’s accelerated peel and antioxidant-rich formulas for a youthful, sculpted, and firmer appearance.

190 / 90 Min.

Clarity Anti-blemish Facial

Revitalize your skin with this instantly effective facial aimed at transforming fatigued and lackluster complexion.

180 / 75 Min

Cryotherapy Energy Facial

This treatment detoxifies and reduces puffiness, revitalizing the skin by increasing circulation and oxygen flow.

180 / 75 Min.

Body Aesthetics By 111SKIN

Rose Quartz Restorative Body Treatment

A relaxing massage harnessing the healing power of rose quartz crystals to restore positive energy and radiance.

240 / 90 Min

Meso Infusion Hydration Treatment

A deeply nourishing full-body experience to regenerate and hydrate the skin. Ideal for frequent fliers or city-dwellers affected by harsh

240 / 90 Min.

Celestial Black Diamond Sculpting Treatment

A deep treatment utilizing lymphatic drainage for smoother, sculpted and more radiant looking skin.

260 / 100 Min.


Sunlover's Delight

Cool down with an after-sun body wrap of skin soothing ingredients, such as cucumber, aloe and yogurt. This treatment includes a scalp

120 / 60 Min

Marine-Algae Wrap

A naturally detoxifying body wrap using algae or nourishing marine mud which will leave your skin looking refined, toned and radiant. This
treatment includes a skin brush, body exfoliation, algae or mud wrap and a Marma point scalp massage.

160 / 60 Min

Foot or Hand Spa Cocoon

A moisturizing treatment for hands and feet, this treatment includes a skin brush, hand or foot spa, algae or mud wrap, and a foot, leg and
Marma point massage.

120 / 60 Min.

Paraffin Wax Treatment

A relaxing paraffin wax hand or foot treatment for soft and supple skin. This treatment includes a skin brush, hand or foot spa, paraffin wax
wrap, and a foot, leg and Marma point massage.

120 / 60 Min.

Spa Express

111SKIN Express Facial

A soothing facial featuring a personalized 111SKIN sheet mask with natural formulas that cleanse, rebalance and hydrate. This treatment
includes a skin analysis, double cleanse, manual exfoliation, personalized mask and a scalp and décolletage massage.

105 / 30 Min.

111SKIN Recovery Eye Lift

Smooth, firm and correct under eye puffiness, and dark circles with this instantly revitalizing eye lift. This treatment includes a skin analysis,
cleanse, face and eye contour exfoliation, eye contour massage and eye mask.

85 / 30 Min.

Back, Neck, & Shoulder Massage

Experience relaxation with a rejuvenating massage using our in-house blend of aromatic oils.

85 / 30 Min.

Treatment Booster

Silversands Quartz Booster

Upgrade your treatment by adding our signature heated quartz sand therapy, a unique and relaxing experience for both body and mind.

40 / 30 Min.

Hot Stone Booster

Enhance your treatment with a restorative hot stone booster for profound stress reducing effects.

40 / 30 Min.

Babymoon At Silversands Spa

Pre-Natal/Post-Natal Massage

Experience deep bodywork to improve circulation, alleviate muscle strain, relieve back pain to minimize pre-natal or post-natal discomfort.

180 / 60 Min. 250 / 90 Min.


The ultimate head-to-toe pre-natal experience, this treatment includes a massage, a foot spa and a Marma head and shoulder massage

260 / 90 Min.

It Takes Two

A unique Yin Yang couple’s massage, designed to harmonize your Qi energies. This treatment includes our signature Natural Facial with soothing cucumber, yogurt and local honey for fresh, revitalized skin

650 / 120 Min.

Physiotherapy At The Spa

Infrared Radiation Therapy

A non-invasive, light-based technology with a broad range of health benefits. This remedy can be used to ease neck and back pain, arthritis,
bursitis, blunt trauma, muscle strain, carpal tunnel syndrome, diabetic neuropathy, rheumatoid arthritis, temporomandibular joint pain (TMJ), tendonitis, wounds and sciatica.

40 / Per area

Therapeutic Ultrasound

Designed to treat chronic pain and promote tissue healing, ultrasound targets a wide range of nerve and musculoskeletal conditions. This
treatment uses deep heat to soft tissue to increase blood circulation in specific areas to decrease pain and promote healing.

75 / Per area

Electrical Stimulator

Neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) stimulates the nerves in muscles to restore function and strength, prevent muscle atrophy, and
reduce muscle spasms.

Improving joint pain and swelling, prevents and reveres muscle atrophy (loss of muscle mass/tissue) and enhances rehabilitation of muscles.
Increases range of motion for tense muscles or tendons, reduces stress and discomfort and Improves blood flow and circulation. Beneficial for post-stroke disorders and nerve damage conditions.

60 / Per session

Nail Luxe Bar

File & Polish

Treat your hands and feet to a file and polish

75 / 25 Min.

Essential Manicure

Designed to maintain amazing nails.

85 / 60 Min.

Advanced Manicure

Providing long lasting results, includes cuticle work and nourishing products to repair, replenish and condition your nails.

100 / 60 Min.

Essential Pedicure

Designed to keep nails in great condition.

100 / 60 Min.

Advanced Pedicure

An extensive pedicure including hard skin removal and nourishing products to repair, replenish and condition your nails.

120 / 75 Min.

Add-On Nail Services

Gel Color

20 /

Basic Nail Art

50 /

Intricate Nail Art

100 /

Acrylic Nails

120 /

Nail Polish Remover

25 / Lacquer 40 / Gel 65 / Acrylic