Lay Your Eyes on These New Leatherbacks

If your plans this summer include a visit to the pristine beaches of Grenada, your timing may have hit Mother Nature gold. One of the things that we are most proud of here in Grenada is our respect for the earth and our island, as well as all the beautiful species that bless us with their presence each year.

One of our favorite seasons is when the leatherback turtles set up their nests on Levera Beach in the northern parish of St. Patrick and wait for their golfball-sized eggs to hatch. Seeing these delicate babies find their way to the sea at dusk, is one thing that we locals will never get tired of! The prime season to see the hatchlings emerge is between the months of April and June. Let us help you set up a tour during your summer visit to the sandy shores of Grenada, there is nothing quite like the feeling of seeing a miracle.

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