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Getting Married in Grenada

All legal requirements can be facilitated through the Government of Grenada ministries located at the Ministerial Complex in the Botanical Gardens, St George’s.Couples are required to be resident on the island for at least three (3) days (weekends and public holidays included) before the Marriage License application can be made in person at the Prime Minister’s office. Special 24-hr non-residency application option is available at a supplemental charge.

Required documents:

● Valid Passports
● Original Birth Certificates
● Sworn Affidavit (or a letter from a Clergy Man, Lawyer or Registry) attesting that neither
party has been married before
● Decree Absolute for each divorced party
● If widowed, the deceased person’s Death Certificate
● Legal proof of name has been changed by Deed Poll
● If under the age of 21, written parental consent by way of an Affidavit
● from a Lawyer or Notary Public


● EC$10 payable at the Ministry of Finance Treasury Department
● EC$15 Stamp Duty
● EC$2 Registration Search Fee
● EC$5 Stamp for placement on the Marriage Certificate

The entire process usually takes up to 2 days. If either party is divorced the process may take longer. No medical tests are required. Our Wedding Coordinator will assist with all required paperwork.

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